Committee Members

A very special thank you to the  Ooh! 2021 committee volunteers who are planning a fantastic event!  If you are interested in helping with Ooh! 2020, please contact Dena Morrison, Special Events ManagerWe would love to have YOU involved! Cheers!

Irene Baltrusaitis

Kelly Bolger

Jean Brookens

Cindy Campbell

Pat Campbell

Sharon Dankenbring

Hannah Francis

Jill Getman

Lori Harp

Martin Kuny

CSL Staff:

Bree Bolger, Development Coordinator

Melodie Chrisman, Assistant Vice President Income Supports and Compliance Manager 

Cindy Isabel, Chief Development Officer

Dena Morrison, Special Events Manager

Sharon Wingate, Special Events Assistant


Sandra Kuny

Carolyn Kelley

Paul Kinder

Jodi Krantz

April Lamastres

Carolyn Marsh

Stacy McCullough

Stephanie Roush

Janet Thresher

Jana Waits